Friday, 15 November 2013

Google Offering Online Site Reviews This Monday, November 18th

Google’s John Mueller announced that on this Monday’s Google office-hours, Google will be offering “short website reviews” for webmasters who are looking for advice.
To participate, you must add your website to thisGoogle Moderator page. Then, if Google has time and wants to review your site, Google will review it live, this Monday, November 18th at 10am EDT via Google+ Hangouts.
If you want to be live on the hangout yourself, you can add the event to your calendar and then wait for Google to launch the Google+ Hangout on air.
The site reviews will last one-hour and seems like it will be lead by John Mueller. I am not sure if John will have other Googlers helping him with the site reviews or not.
John explained:
For this hangout, we’ll review sites that are submitted via the moderator page and give a short comment on where you might want to focus your efforts, assuming there are any issues from Google’s point of view.  :)

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