Friday, 25 April 2014

The Future of Digital Marketing

The marketing arena is poised to witness a major shift and change with regards to consumer behaviour and market trends.

There was a time when we used to just look at one medium and one mode to connect with the audience but now it is the user who is the decision maker and who gets to choose in which medium he feels comfortable interacting with the brand.

Use of Data:

Data will be playing a major role across all the verticals. Marketers now have access to real time data where they get to know how a user views their ad, comes to their site and compares the products or services with others, all this can be monitored until the user completes the transaction.

There are a lot of factors which marketers were missing i.e. not taking social interactions to the cross channel data, which offer huge potential. We need to develop a system which would integrate all the data sources providing valuable insights not only from the brand perspective but to also gain better customer insights.

Multi-Screen Marketing:

The evolution of second screen has begun. More and more consumers use multiple screens to browse, research, compare and buy.

We need to understand the mediums and we should start serving tailor made messages according to the screen and medium the user is searching for the products/services on. The companies need to adapt as soon as possible before it is too late.

No More selling, need of the hour is helping:

Marketers need to understand that the users have evolved more than ever before. More selling will just force the user to bounce off the brand rather than helping him to engage. We need to focus on creating brand awareness and helping the user with the product/service he is interested in. We need to start focusing more on the engagement aspect.

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