Thursday, 19 December 2013

Arine Solutions - 7 Simple Strategies For SMS Marketing Mastery

When most people think of text messaging, they think about texting a friend, family member, or getting a Candy Crush notification, but in reality texting can be put to use in countless ways to help you communicate better with your contacts and grow your business.

Here’s a few ways in which you want use SMS to enhance your business.

Automated Marketing
When a new subscriber joins your group through a webform or by texting in your keyword to our short code, you can create a series of “drip messages” or followups to automatically send messages to your subscribers.
What we find that works well from clients is providing a message to the person right away. Then maybe 5 days later provide a discount on your product or service if they have not purchased yet.

Appointment Reminders
It’s a problem.
See many businesses suffer from this. People set their appointment and never show up. In many cases it’s simply because they forgot. This forgetfulness is costing you and your business a lot of money.
A great way to increase your appointment attendance and decrease no-shows is by sending a simple and automated text message appointment reminder. We find that the best time to send the reminder is right after they set the appointment and 2 days before the appointment.
In the message be sure to include a phone number for people to call to change or cancel their appointment.

SMS Contests
A fantastic way to build your list of by hosting and coordinating an sms contest. In your contest you can offer a great prize, a free consulting package, a free product, or a service to one winner.
I’d suggest running your contest for 2-4 weeks and heavily promote it across the web. After the deadline date, just search in your subscribers area and select a winner! It’s that easy.

SMS Coupons & Text Promotions
What’s the fastest way to see an ROI on our text message marketing?
One of the easiest ways to build your list and see an immediate return on investment is to give an sms coupon or promotional discount when they text in your keyword or optin from your online webform.
Once people optin, you can send to them a unique coupon with an expiration date on when they can redeem this offer. A good incentive is to something like “$10 off their first purchase.” This works really well for building your list and generating sales at the same time.

Billing Automation
With Call Loop and our Infusionsoft sms integration, when a customers credit card fails our system automatically sends a text message to that customer to alert them about their credit card failing.
We also send a voice broadcast to the customer to deliver an automated phone call to let them know that their credit card has failed. Using the call transfers feature, the listener can press 1 on their keypad to immediately get transferred to our support team to handle the matter.
This alone has helped us recapture thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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