Thursday, 26 December 2013

Arine Solutions - Social Media Optimization (SMO) - 10 Tips

Why Social Media?  Share product announcements  Drive traffic to your site  Run contests  Share useful content  Publicize job openings  Gain subscriptions  Have fun  Promote your blog postings  Show your personality  Share photos of employees, partners and customers  Share important industry news  Promote your next event ACTIVITIES BENEFITS  Get noticed  Have your message amplified  Get people to promote your brand  Generate awareness  Attain thought leadership  Generate sales leads  Get people to share on your behalf  Accelerate the sales cycle  Attract media attention  Retain customers  Drive new revenue opportunities  Attract new employees  Attract new investors Tweet me: “94% of businesses surveyed use or plan to begin using social recruiting in 2013 (source: @Jobvite)”

10 Social Media Tips in 30 Minutes

1) Consistent branding across channels. Challenge: Can you identify the inconsistency (above)?

2) Strategically hyperlink from profile pages. Arine Solutions and social profiles Arine Solutions: “Hyperlinks in social media profiles can drive clicks and SEO”

3) Reciprocate (follow and add back). Twitter  Retain new followers by “following back”  Allow followers to “DM” (Direct Message) you  Facilitate social listening Facebook  “Like” brand pages who follow you Google+  As users add you, add them back to your Circle(s) Tweet me: “Reciprocate on social media: as you gain followers and friends, follow back #DNN”

4) Tag (link to) other users. Twitter  Sharing content: include the author’s Twitter handle in the tweet Facebook  “Tag” a brand’s Facebook page in your post Google+  Include users’ Google+ handles in posts LinkedIn  Ask employees and partners to link to your Company Page in profile updates Tweet me: “Get noticed on social media by tagging other users #DNN”

5) Learn the tricks of the trade for each network.  The retweet on Twitter  Tagging on Facebook  The “@ mention” on Twitter  Managing circles on Google+  Creating product listings on your LinkedIn Company page  Hosting Google+ Hangouts  Tailoring the title and description of your Facebook posts Tweet me: “Not every social network is the same. Learn the tricks of the trade for each one #DNN”

6) Measure, evaluate, adjust. Evaluate Content type Topic Time of day Post length Post messaging Humor vs. no humor Tweet me: “On social media: measure, evaluate and adjust is the new rinse and repeat #DNN” Measure Reach Engagement Website traffic New followers Click-through rate

7) Mix it up. Tweet me: “Don’t be an automaton: mix it up on social media #DNN” Respond to others Retweet compelling content Recruit your next hire Share content your audience craves

8) Engage proactively and respond promptly.  Interact with thought leaders around their content  Help users with their issues or challenges  Give thanks for content shares  Thank users for compliments  Address negative comments  Reinforce your “brand personality”  Respond in a timely manner (same-day far better than next week; same-hour = nirvana.) Relevant reading: Forrester Wave on Social Relationship Platforms ($) Tweet me: “It’s important to engage proactively and respond promptly on social media #DNN”

9) Cross-promote your social channels.  Expand your following across channels  Promote YouTube videos on Twitter  Promote Google+ Hangouts on Facebook  Promote Facebook Contests on Google+  List social channels on your LinkedIn Company Page  List social channels (and our blog!) on your Google+ profile  Promote your SlideShare presentations on Twitter Tweet me: “Tip: have your social media channels help support one another #DNN” Click here for a “permalink” to the Facebook post, which you can then share elsewhere

10) Experiment with paid advertising  Promoted Tweets (Twitter)  Facebook Ads  Sponsored Updates (LinkedIn)  Video Ads (YouTube) Tweet me: “Paid advertising can be effective for supplementing your social media marketing #DNN” VEHICLES BENEFITS  Higher likelihood that followers see your content  Expanded reach (new users)  Gain followers  Drive revenue.

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